Booker T Addresses Homophobia Allegations

Booker T Goldust

Last week, WWE NXT’s resident ‘Super Diva’ Quincy Elliott earned his way into the co-host spot of NXT Halloween Havoc alongside SmackDown Superstar Shotzi. While the audience was delighted that Elliott defeated Xyon Quinn to become Shotzi’s co-host, new NXT commentator Booker T wasn’t convinced, saying that he wasn’t sold on what the Super Diva brings to the table.

Following his comments, some fans online accused the two time WWE Hall of Famer of being homophobic toward Elliott, who’s made waves and gained the crowd’s favor during his short time in WWE NXT by being loudly flamboyant.

Booker T Says His Comments Have Nothing To Do With Homophobia Toward Quincy Elliott

Speaking on the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T insisted that he’s not homophobic and that his comments have nothing to do with Quincy Elliott‘s sexuality; instead, he’s waiting for the young star to impress him.

“Let’s get this straight — I’m not homophobic, okay? I have nothing against people making their choice of who they want to love, who they want to sleep with. I don’t care; that’s not my business. But Quincy … Quincy might have to give me a reason to like him. I didn’t like Goldust in the beginning, okay? But then Goldust turned out to be one of the greatest acts in the history of this business. I don’t think I can be homophobic and work with someone like Goldust.”

Booker T said that he’d be willing to work an angle in WWE NXT with Elliott if a storyline called for it in order to give the young star more exposure. He made sure to clarify, though, that his willingness to work the angle also had nothing to do with Elliott’s queer identity; instead, it would just be him doing his job.

“But I’m not doing that for the sake [of making] the LGBTQ community feel better, okay? I’m not doing it for those reasons. I’m doing it because it’s a show and that’s what we do. So like you said, those things, when I’m out there doing commentary, I’m doing nothing but my job and that is to entertain you, people.”

h/t WrestlingInc