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Booker T On Who He Wants To See Inducted Into The 2022 WWE Hall Of Fame

Booker T WWE Hall Of Fame

Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T has discussed who he wants to see inducted to join him in the hallowed hall in the Class of 2022.

Booker T was first inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame back in 2013 before becoming one of a small and select group to have two inductions when he went back into the Hall Of Fame in 2019 with his brother Stevie Ray as Harlem Heat.

Now speaking on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T has advocated for several wrestling legends to join him via the Class of 2022:

“I think Vader is a damn good candidate for a guy who should be in the Hall Of Fame. His resume speaks for itself, you know, coming from Japan with the Mastodon, big headgear with the smoke coming out. I’ll tell you, when Vader did that, it was just groundbreaking for me.”

“Even though I know in Japan those guys would do a lot of dramatics and have a lot of flair with their shows. But that right there for me was like groundbreaking.”

“Then for Vader, it wasn’t just the headgear. The guy actually could go out there and perform at a very believable level. That’s what I mean, believable, you believed Big Van Vader was racking you upside your head, because he was, most of the time. He’s definitely one.”

As well as Vader, Booker T thinks another former WCW Champion should make the list for an induction:

“Lex Luger is another man, he would get my vote. He would definitely get my vote, without a shadow of a doubt, without a blinketh of an eye. Lex Luger would get my vote. He wasn’t the greatest worker in the world. But I’ll tell you, I had one match with Lex Luger and it was awesome. I was like, ‘man this dude is pretty good,’ and that was the last one I had with him. I love Lex Luger, man.”

Booker T also gave his thoughts on what tag team could be part of the WWE Hall Of Fame, joining the legions of iconic tag teams already enshrined in immortality:

“For me, The Nastys. Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags. I think those guys are definitely deserving of being in the Hall Of Fame. I had plenty of matches with The Nastys in WCW, I remember those guys. They worked in WWF before that, I was like, ‘man these guys are nasty to the core.’ But as far as what they brought to the table and what they gave to the business, it’s is no doubt that they are truly Hall Of Famers.”

One star that won’t be part of the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2022 is former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy. Hardy was reportedly sought out to make a quick return to the company after being released in December 2021 with a Hall Of Fame induction seemingly part of the deal but Hardy rejected the offer.

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