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Bobby Lashley Wants Gable Steveson In The Hurt Business

Bobby Lashley MVP

Bobby Lashley has his eye on the future of The Hurt Business, saying he wants to recruit Olympic gold medallist Gable Steveson into his group.

Steveson impressed massively in the heavyweight freestyle wrestling competition at the Tokyo Olympics. With no opponent scoring a single point against him until the gold medal match, the 21-year-old was able to replicate Kurt Angle’s heroics of 1996 and take the title of Olympic champion for himself.

Now speaking to Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling, the WWE Champion says he thinks Steveson has the world at his feet, and with youth on his side he might want to try his hand at MMA:

“He has so much potential that he can do whatever he wants to do right now, so I got to take my hat off because I watched him at the Olympics and he looked incredible. I’m not trying to pull him this way [towards WWE] because he is young, he is 21 years old he can go to fight if he wants to and get that out of the system or that might be his call.”

Should Gable Steveson decides to make his way to WWE, he has an offer to join The Hurt Business alongside Lashley and MVP. According to Lashley, the Olympian would do well to accept that invitation:

“If he does come to WWE, the smartest way for him to do is give me a call and maybe we can get him into The Hurt Business and help his career. If he comes to WWE and he is not part of The Hurt Business, then he is gonna fall like anybody else and be a second-rate guy. So, those are his options: either come to WWE and join The Hurt Business and we can ensure him that he is gonna be in the right place, and in the right hands, or he can go to UFC and try to hand it out there.”

“I think he is really siding towards coming here with WWE. So I’m sure he knows that he has the potential to come and see me and we can probably help out his career by joining The Hurt Business. I may have MVP to reach out [to him] and kind of let him know his options, but the best option for him is to join The Hurt Business with a nice suit on him dressed him up a little bit. We will clean him up a little bit and make him a professional and put a title on him.”

Bobby Lashley faces his toughest test to date as WWE Champion when he puts his title on the line against WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg at SummerSlam. Gable Steveson took to social media earlier in the week to tell the world he’ll also be in attendance at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.