Bobby Lashley Sets Sights On New Milestone

Bobby Lashley entrance

After winning the United States Championship for a third time at Money In The Bank Bobby Lashley has already set his sights on a brand new goal.

The All-Mighty Bobby Lashley is already a multiple-time World Champion and shows no sign of slowing down. Lashley might be in his mid-40’s, but he’s arguably in the shape of his life, and still very much at the peak of his powers.

The star hammered this point home at Money In The Bank when he defeated Theory to claim the United States Championship. However, despite everything he has achieved, the veteran isn’t done just yet.

Speaking with BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani shortly after his latest win, Lashley explained that there’s still numerous things he wants to achieve before he hangs up his boots. In particular, the former WWE Champion wants to become a Tag Team Champion and win the Royal Rumble.

“There’s a lot. There’s holding multiple titles. I haven’t won a Tag Team Title yet. So I still see that in my career. Winning the [Royal Rumble], I see that in my career. Everybody’s like, ‘What if it doesn’t happen this year?’ Then, it’s gonna happen next year. I’m so positive. I’m so positive that it’ll make most people sick. But the more positivity that comes out of me, the more things like this happen, you know?

These guys are cheering my name. Like, I beat somebody half my age right now. [Theory is] incredibly talented, incredibly athletic, incredibly gifted, has a bright, bright, bright future, and I’m out there fighting with him. So, man, if nothing else, that’s just a blessing. Every day is a blessing for me,”

Bobby Lashley is scheduled to appear on the July 4th episode of Monday Night Raw, where he will be joined by a SmackDown regular.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.