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Bobby Lashley Says That The Hurt Business Are “Thugs In Suits”

Bobby Lashley

While Bobby Lashley may have lost the WWE United States Championship at WWE Elimination Chamber, The Hurt Business’ resident powerhouse still made he presence felt.

Following Drew McIntyre retaining his WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber, Lashley headed to the ring and laid waste to the champion, allowing The Miz to cash in his Money In The Bank contract and win the WWE Title. A move the now former United States Champion, simply called “business.”

Even before a chaotic night at Elimination Chamber, Bobby Lashley and The Hurt Business have been on somewhat of a roll. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin are the current RAW Tag Team Champions, Lashley has been dominant and MVP has proven a valuable leader for the group.

The stable’s success has drawn comparisons to the legendary Nation Of Domination, who were a massive part what was then WWF, the in late 1990’s.

However, speaking to Sporting News, Lashley has revealed that he isn’t too keen on that comparison, calling the The Hurt Business “totally different.”

“My first thought was, “Thank you!” But that’s not who we were. Because you see a group of Black guys, some people immediately associate them with another group of Black guys. I love what The Nation did but that’s not what we’re about at all. But we are totally different. It’s not about black and white; we are about green and gold. We are thugs in suits because we have a hardcore style but want to look good doing it. We wanted to show a different representation of Black men because we haven’t seen that. We are four professional Black men who can mess you up. That’s what we’re all about.”

Elsewhere in the conversation Lashley would go on to detail how his love triangle storyline with Lana and Rusez made him feel uncomfortable, while also discussing working with MVP again following his return to WWE.

“He’s like a mixture between The Rock, Don King and Suge Knight. I wanted him back here so we could run together and then we started putting it together. Mentally, I thought about this for years if and when he stepped back through those WWE doors again. It eventually turned into The Hurt Business and we had the components with Shelton and Cedric. Sometimes you have to believe in somebody else’s belief in you and that’s where MVP as a mouthpiece comes into play. He’s our advocate because there’s no question that any one of us could run on top of this company. We just needed somebody to tell everyone else.”

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