Bobby Lashley Reveals The Hurt Business Want To Add A Female Member

The Hurt Business Thumb

With Bobby Lashley finally capturing the WWE Championship, his victory left the Hurt Business sitting pretty atop Monday Night RAW.

The faction moulded and guided by MVP now have possession of RAW’s top title to go along with the RAW Tag Team Titles currently owned by Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. So naturally, the question now arises, what’s next?

Speaking to Complex, Bobby Lashley has moved to shed some light on that very important question, with ‘The Dominator’ revealing that a new, female member could be on the cards.

“We want dominance and a legacy. That’s what we want. Another thing that we talked about, we don’t even know if we want to go there, but I’ll throw this out: Is there a female that’s going to join the group? We thought about that. We have some definite names. And if we did go that route, I think we’re all in agreeance of who we would love to have a part of us. Can’t really say right now, but that’s something that’s [on the way]. So we’re trying to play with it, so we’re coming at all different angles.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lashley heaped praise on the man pulling the strings behind The Hurt Business, MVP. When asked about his relationship with the former WWE United States Champion, he delved into his admiration for his friend, before going into detail about who The Hurt Business really are.

“It’s great, man. In the wrestling business, you always get those guys that you kind of gravitate to, become friends with, and MVP was one of those guys. This was 15, 16, 17 years ago. We became friends. And then over time, we became really good friends.

When he first came in, he originally just wanted to come in so that he can show his son that he’s going on the main stage because he just had his son and his son’s a little younger, so he didn’t get to see his first run. I pulled him aside, I was like, “Bro. I said, “Man, listen to this I always envisioned you as this character as a mix between The Rock, Suge Knight, and Don King.” You take all those guys and you mix them up. Then I told them after that the next step was, who are we [as The Hurt Business]? The Hurt Business is a couple of different things. Everybody heard stories before. When I first broke into the business, when I first got on the road, everybody was real nervous, “The guys, They’re tough on you. You got JBL, Bob Holly, Booker T, all these guys. Man, you got to be fearful of these guys.” Those guys were trying to protect the business, they weren’t trying to hurt anybody. But they made us understand the business, they made us protect the business. And they had a different style of wrestling. They walked in with suits and fought. We’re just going to bring that same mentality around to what we have today. The Hurt Business just fits that description. We come in and we beat people up and we look good doing it.”

Lashley’s recent championship win has been greeted much positivity across the wrestling world, with WWE legend and Hollywood star The Rock commenting on The Hurt Business’ recent success.