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Bobby Lashley Reveals Paul Heyman Mentorship

Bobby Lashley on Paul Heyman

Bobby Lashley opened up about the important role that Paul Heyman has played in his career.

Paul Heyman is known for having one of the greatest wrestling minds in history and has been credited with playing a vital role in the careers of numerous stars over the past three decades.

While his on-screen partnership with Brock Lesnar is arguably his most famous guiding role, his work backstage at various times has also been key for a number of Superstars. His role in the creative team for SmackDown in the early to mid 2000’s, with the development of the ‘SmackDown Six’ is still praised to this day.

Another star who Heyman has helped mentor and guide over the years is Bobby Lashley. Speaking exclusively to Inside the Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh for issue 18 of Inside the Ropes Magazine, Lashley opened up about his relationship with the former ECW boss.

The All-Mighty explained that Heyman has always been someone who he has been able to go to for advice.

“In this business, you always have some great minds and as talent/superstars, we have to pick the brains of those people as much as we can. And Paul has proven what he can do. Some people love him, some people hate him, but I look at him as somebody that I go and pick his brain whenever I have an opportunity to, just to get some more insight. It’s just the little things in this business. You see it all the time.

I see a guy’s career just completely jet set in a whole different direction, based on just one little tweak that he’s done. So Paul’s always somebody that I look at to maybe give me that little tweak that I need to make.”

Expanding further, Lashley discussed how Heyman had influenced his career, going all of the time back to his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

“That was great because he was the guy that figured out who I was. He was like, “I can’t write for Bobby, I don’t know who you are.” And I was like, “Alright, well, I guess you can break down this complex person and try to figure me out.” He understood me. I’m the epitome of, “don’t let the smile fool you”. You know, I’m a very dangerous weapon—I’m the nicest person you ever meet, but I can yank your head off your body.”

Bobby Lashley hasn’t been seen on WWE television since Elimination Chamber. In storyline, this is due to concussion protocol, however, it has been reported that the former WWE Champion is set to undergo shoulder surgery.

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