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Bobby Lashley Reveals Favourite Cheat Meal Including A Unique Burger

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has revealed the go-to cheat meal items he reaches for more than anything, including ‘The Peanut Butter & Jellousy Burger’.

Appearing as a guest on the We Watch Wrestling podcast, Bobby discusses everything from WrestleMania to MAGA hats, but one of the most fun reveals was that of Lashley’s favourite ‘cheat day’ meal – A unique, glorious, no nonsense cheeseburger.

Lashley mentioned his favourite burger joints, recalling some unique burgers he’s had the pleasure of eating – some of which could be lifted directly from an episode of Bob’s Burgers (Sacred Cow, Dr Yap or a Family Fracas burger anyone?).

Hosts Tom Sibley and Vince Averill went right in there, directly asking The Almighty what his favourite cheat meal is…


Cheeseburgers and cookies. You know, I don’t have necessarily a cheat meal, everybody thinks that I’m so regimented with my training and my eating and everything like that.

I do it very basic, I love cheeseburgers. Me and my son, we just got some chicken wings, I love chicken wings and cheeseburgers.

So if those are considered cheat meals? Those are my cheat meals! And on the sweet side, I love cookies, love cookies.

Tapping into the moment as Bobby reeled off his edible pleasures, the hosts then asked him where he’s headed should he have a craving for a cheeseburger.

That’s a tough one…Because I’ve been all over the place, and we were actually going around looking for the best cheeseburger.

So, there’s a couple different places I’m highly going to recommend…A place in California called Slater’s 59. They had this cheeseburger called the Peanut Butter And Jealous Burger. It’s a bacon cheeseburger with peanut butter and jelly on the bun.

Here’s the kicker, they took ground chuck and did bacon grounded up, so the bacon actually was IN the burger.

It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever eaten. Get that burger and put it at the top of the list.

Here at Inside The Ropes, we like to think we give you news further than just a headline, so we tracked down ‘Slater’s 59’ in California to take a peek at the menu and see what other delights they have – well, actually, Slater’s 50/50 which I believe is the place Bobby is speaking about.

The “Peanut Butter & Jellousy” burger does truly exist, the menu describing it as “Black Canyon Angus beef, thick-cut bacon, natural peanut butter and strawberry jelly on a honey wheat bun + A scoop of vanilla ice cream”.

Slater's 50/50 Peanut Butter Jealousy Burger
Slater’s 50/50 Peanut Butter Jealousy Burger

Other giants of their menu include a cheeseburger stacked with potato chips and a ghost-chilli cheeseburger (with egg, of course).

Lastly, as the hosts spoke about the crazy burger varieties they’ve tried including a clam chowder affair, Bobby intervened to talk about The Luther – a donut sandwiched cheeseburger he just had to try.

You know, the one burger that really got me, it tore me up because I HAD to try it, was The Luther.

It’s just a bacon cheeseburger, but they put it between two glazed donuts. I had to have it. I had to try it, and I tell you what, it was delicious going down!

The Almighty Bobby Lashley clearly loves his food, especially cheeseburgers. We should have known…Lashley made his WWE PPV debut at the 2005 No Mercy PPV in which he defeated Simon Dean in a single’s match, Lashley then forcing Dean to eat 20 double cheeseburgers as the show rolled on (a stipulation added prior to the PPV, for…reasons)

The same PPV Bobby Lashley debuted was the very same in which Batista defeated Eddie Guerrero, JBL beat Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton & his Dad Bob Orton defeated The Undertaker in a casket match!