Bobby Lashley On Which “Smaller Guys” Could Become WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has named some of his peers who despite their smaller stature he says could follow in his title-winning footsteps.

In an appearance on the Battleground Podcast, The All-Mighty one named some stars on the current roster that might fly under the radar when thinking of obvious world title contenders. Bobby Lashley says there’s quite a few smaller talents that could step up and become WWE Champion, just not while he still holds the belt:

“One thing that you’ve got to take into consideration is this roster is a fun roster because we have a lot of really cool people, a lot of really good matchups that I’m really interested in. I mean you can go all the way down from the smaller guys in the Drew Gulaks, I mean the guy’s incredible. The Alis, the Ricochets, some of these guys are incredible and these guys have the possibility of being one of those guys that can break the mold of the world champion and step up in there, in that world champion picture. Not taking the title away from me, but I’m saying when I retire or something like that, these are some of the guys that will definitely be in the running for that world title.”

Bobby Lashley defends his title against a returning Goldberg at SummerSlam inside Allegiant Stadium. The former WCW Champion has the chance to become the oldest WWE Champion of all time should he unseat Lashley as champion.

For Lashley, he sees value in returning stars but says there’s plenty of talent on the current full-time WWE roster ready to step up to the plate:

“You have Riddle, he’s making some big waves. Riddle is not a little guy. He has a lot of fighting experience. There is Keith Lee, Damian Priest who is looking amazing out there. Kross Just came in. Then, you have the guys that are already there. Your Randy Orton, AJ, Omos is a giant, we don’t know what he can do. Elias is there, Seamus is still there, Jinder just came back and he has a group and he’s making some huge waves. Drew is still there.

“So, I’m saying, we like those guys that are not in the business to come back and we talked about the Brocks and the Goldbergs and everything like that, but we still have a lot of guys on our roster that are extremely talented and I’m really anxious to be able to have the opportunity to have a piece of all these guys.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription