Bobby Lashley Reveals He Wrestled For Most Of Last Year With Major Shoulder Injury

Bobby Lashley

Former United States Champion Bobby Lashley is no stranger to setbacks. The Almighty battled Brock Lesnar at the 2022 Royal Rumble with a shoulder injury. Reports afterward suggested Lashley could’ve missed WrestleMania 38 due to the severity of his injury and the surgery he would’ve needed to undergo.

The Almighty was set to miss at least four months of action; however, he ultimately told former WWE CEO Vince McMahon that he couldn’t just sit at home. Despite suffering a debilitating injury, the All-Mighty somehow managed to wrestle at the “Grandest stage of them all.”

Bobby Lashley Fought Through The Pain And Agony For A Very Long While

In a recent appearance on the “Notsam Wrestling” show, Lashley opened up about his current condition and revealed he’d been fighting through a significant injury for most of 2021. Before his United States Championship match against Mustafa Ali, Lashley received nine stitches on his finger after going through a table. He visited the WWE trainer the following night and refused to let him tell the WWE office that he couldn’t wrestle.

The host pointed out that the All-Mighty probably wouldn’t remember the injury in two weeks. Lashley then revealed he’d suffered through worse and said he “wrestled half of the year last year with a torn rotator cuff,” much to the surprise of the Notsam team. He clarified that the injury was a “seventy-five percent tear in [his] rotator.”

Fans wouldn’t have noticed the pain Lashley was dealing with, considering how dominant of a run he’s been on. In 2021, Lashley became the WWE Champion and defended the title for months. The following year he won the United States Championship after defeating Austin Theory at Money in the Bank. There wasn’t any reason to believe Lashley was seriously hurt and needed to take an extended break.

Bobby Lashley is on a collision course with the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel on November 5th. After Lesnar cost Lashley the United States Championship last week, the All-Mighty called out the Beast for a fight on Monday Night Raw. The brawl ended with Lashley demonstrating his strength by slamming Lesnar through the announce table.

H/T – Wrestling Inc.