Bobby Lashley Lays Down WrestleMania Challenge After SmackDown

Bobby Lashley

On the March 31st episode of SmackDown, Bobby Lashley won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The All-Mighty secured victory by launching Bronson Reed over the top rope to the delight of the LA crowd. That was once they got over the disappointment of seeing their chosen favourite LA Knight dumped out of the match.

However, it seems that Lashley isn’t ready to call time on his WrestleMania 39 adventure just yet.

After his victory a fired-up Lashley was captured backstage, laying down a challenge to whoever wants to test themselves against the All-Mighty.

“Surprise, surprise, guess who just won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal? Was there any doubt in anybody’s mind who was going to win that? You can’t have WrestleMania without the All-Mighty. My weekend is free.

Let’s see who’s ready for a real challenge. Who wants to step up and get some from the All-Mighty?”

Bobby Lashley Vs. Bray Wyatt Back On?

Bobby Lashley had been due to meet Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania, but the match appears to have been scrapped. It has been reported that Wyatt is suffering from an undisclosed illness, meaning his program with Lashley has come to a halt.

However, could Lashley’s challenge mean that the match is back on?

Or, could WWE’s reported backup plan now be coming into play? It has been reported in the run-up to WrestleMania that should Wyatt be unable to perform, Lashley could be involved with LA Knight in some way.