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Bobby Lashley – “I Don’t Talk To Brock”

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has discussed the potential dream match of him facing Brock Lesnar and how he has been told that ‘it’s just not the time.’

WWE Champion was Lashley was taking part in a Q&A with The Wrap when he was asked about the much-desired match between the two behemoths.

Lashley explained from his point of view, why that match isn’t happening:

“I have no idea […] The thing with Brock is everybody has been saying that basically from the day that I came into wrestling. They were like, ‘Oh man, there’s Lesnar. Him and Brock. Brock, Brock, Brock!’ The whole entire time. And I really do not know. I know I spoke with somebody that was really close to him and they just said, no, it’s just not the time.”

“The only one I can really ask in that manner is [Paul] Heyman, because no one else really talks to Brock, that I know of. I don’t talk to Brock, I really don’t even know Brock that much. If he were to come back and had a match, I think it would be phenomenal. I think it would be great.”

Bobby Lashley then went on to pick an opponent for himself that he feels would be an even bigger match than himself against Lesnar:

“I think even a bigger match – because you can’t just overstep Drew [McIntyre]. Drew beat him last year at WrestleMania. Drew is, if you wanted to paint a picture of a champion, that’s what they look like. So beating Drew is the one. I think a triple threat with the two of those guys would be an incredible thing. It would be crazy.”

“Normally, I wouldn’t go for a triple threat, but something like that is, ‘hmm, who wins that?’ And what does that lead to afterward? So that’s always a huge deal also but then me and Drew still have some business left unattended because I kind of beat him the other day. So I’m sure he’s going to want to deal with that […] The one thing that I think is cool is that the match that everybody thinks Brock and I will have, Drew and I will have.”

Another WWE Superstar has weighed in on a potential match between Lesnar and Lashley – The Undertaker. The Deadman took to social media to give his opinion on a potential match between the two. Inferring that it would mean a lot of money for all concerned.

Credit: The Wrap