Bobby Lashley Hints At WrestleMania 39 Frustration

Bobby Lashley

Despite being one of WWE’s biggest stars, Bobby Lashley has missed out on competing at WrestleMania 39.

The All-Mighty was in action on the March 31st episode of SmackDown where he won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Backstage after the match, the fired-up star cut a promo making an open challenge to anyone who dared to step up and face him at the spectacular.

However, Lashley didn’t appear on night one, and his appearance on night two left fans, and seemingly Lashley himself baffled.

The two-time World Champion appeared briefly on the stage with the Andre The Giant trophy waving at fans before leaving. Lashley appeared in a suit and was seemingly in no position to compete.

As the show continued fans took to social media to call out WWE for their use of the star.

Interestingly, Lashley has since liked a huge number of these tweets, apparently venting his own frustration. His response also seems to signal that he won’t be wrestling before the show ends.

Why Isn’t Bobby Lashley Wrestling At WrestleMania?

Bobby Lashley had originally been scheduled to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania, with the pair going back and forth in a series of promos. However, the match was called off with Wyatt suffering with an undisclosed injury.

This was followed by a report that Lashley would still be featured at WrestleMania, and could be involved in a segment with LA Knight.