Bobby Lashley On Wanting To Bring Back The Hurt Business

Bobby Lashley The Hurt Business

The All-Mighty Bobby Lashley says he wants to bring the Hurt Business back one day.

Bobby Lashley joined forces with Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and MVP to form the Hurt Business in 2020. The group dominated the men’s roster on Raw and earned championships along the way. They briefly reunited in 2021 before Lashley decided to separate himself from Benjamin and Alexander.

In an interview with Busted Open’s Dave LaGreca, the Lashley spoke about some of the impressive talent in WWE right now and mentioned how he’s open to bringing back the Hurt Business.

“Great wrestler [Mustafa Ali], great mind in the business, and he’s hungry. So, you have him, you have Riddle that’s on fire right now, you have Seth Rollins – he’s Seth Freaking Rollins, he’s great across the board.

And some of my closest friends, The Hurt Business. MVP is there with Omos, Shelton Benjamin still doing his stuff, Cedric’s there. I’d like to bring that group back together at some point in time.”

Lashley lost the United States Championship to Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins on the season premiere of Monday Night Raw albeit after being attacked by a returning Brock Lesnar before the match. The assault left Lashley vulnerable and allowed Rollins to capitalize.

A report from Andrew Zarian suggests Lesnar’s appearance on Raw was due to Bray Wyatt not appearing on the show after his stunning return at Extreme Rules the night before. Lesnar is rumoured to be heading for a showdown with Lashley at Crown Jewel in November.

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