Bobby Lashley And MVP Reportedly Unhappy With Hurt Business Split

Bobby Lashley Thumb

One of the more surprising things to take place on WWE RAW in recent weeks was the implosion of the Hurt Business which saw Bobby Lashley and MVP kick Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin out of the group

The move shocked fans, especially as The Hurt Business have been one of the most impressive factions in WWE in recent memory.

However, it has been reported that Bobby Lashley and MVP were left far from impressed by the move, and were pretty vocal about their dissatisfaction.

According to Fightful Select, the decision was made by Vince McMahon, and Vince McMahon alone. The report notes that:

Sources indicated that both MVP and Lashley met with Vince McMahon about the idea, but the latter dug his heels in even more.

Fightful also disclosed that the decision caused a “blow to morale.”

This week’s episode of RAW started with a seemingly unified Hurt Business marching to the ring, before Lashley and MVP reiterated last week’s offer to the WWE locker room – remove Drew McIntyre from the equation at WrestleMania and you’ll take the Scottish Warrior’s place.

MVP, however, would recall the failure of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin to do just that, saying the former RAW Tag Team Champions have tarnished the legacy of The Hurt Business. Following the pair’s rebuttal, Lashley laid waste to both Alexander and Benjamin.