Bobby Fish Says The ‘Less Structure/More Freedom’ Of AEW Became Frustrating

Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish appreciates creative freedom, but believes it got a little out of hand behind the scenes at AEW.

Fish joined Konnan & Disco Inferno on the “Keeping It 100” podcast and was asked about what differences he experienced while working in AEW compared to his time in NXT.

“Quite a lot less structure. Quite a bit more freedom, which at first, I think a lot of the boys kind of welcome it, but then you experience it for a little while and it gets a little frustrating to be totally honest. I think some people did have way too much stroke, for sure, but I think some of those people, that’s how they operate and that’s how they get over. Those people are just gonna be who they’re gonna be. I’m not one of them. You know, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a Democrat and a Republican. I don’t play that game. I always let my physical speak for itself because I’ve been doing athletics my whole life.”

Bobby Fish: “There Has To Be A Governor Put On”

Bobby Fish went on to say that there is absolutely a balance with the talent having creative freedom along with some added structure, but the inmates can’t ultimately run the asylum.

“There has to be a governor put on. The creativity is great, but like I said, there has to be a governor for it, something that funnels it into something constructive, as opposed to, you know, I mean, how many times are people just trying to get their sh*t in or suspicious of like, “Oh, well, this guy’s just trying to get his sh*t in.’ That creates dissension. That doesn’t create unity in the locker room.”

Bobby Fish is currently a free agent in pro wrestling following his AEW exit in 2022, but he’s had some recent work in IMPACT Wrestling and also had a boxing match in Dubai.

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