Bobby Fish Heaps Praise On Triple H

Bobby Fish

Former NXT star Bobby Fish has a lot of confidence in Triple H as the new Head of Creative for WWE.

Triple H was named the new Head of Talent Relations and Head of Creative for WWE after Vince McMahon announced his retirement on July 22nd. Since the change in leadership, wrestlers from both WWE and AEW have expressed confidence in Triple H taking the company in a new direction.

One name who has worked with Triple H in the past is former Undisputed Era member Bobby Fish. While the former NXT star is no longer a WWE employee, he recently gave his two cents on where the company could go under new leadership.

Speaking to Rewind, Recap, Relive, Fish fully supported Triple H as the new Head of Creative. He called The Game “brilliant” and said that he’s happy to know things could potentially change in the company.

“Hunter is brilliant. The time I spent learning under him, brilliant is the only description I can attribute to that man when it comes to pro wrestling. I’m happy to see things seem to be working out there in a more harmonious way. When I left, there was a lot of transition. It’s never fun to see people that you’ve worked with, and that you’re friends with, and you care about their success or their day-to-day, even office people and medical staff. You make friends with these people over the years and you want to see them in a good work environment and enjoying themselves.”

“We certainly all were, at that time, when we were there and Hunter was the head coach or quarterback or whatever you want to call it. Those things changed, things got a bit wonky. I left after my release, so I can’t speak first-hand, but to know that there is a chance now with Hunter back doing his thing, that things could return or maybe become something entirely new or different, but under him. I can’t see anything in the wrestling business that he has a hand in that’s not going to be successful. I’m obviously biased and partial to the man, but I would go to war for him seven days a week.”

Reports have suggested that many wrestlers backstage feel confident that Triple H will take things in a better direction. Fans have already seen ex-WWE talent show up on the main roster and more wrestling in general on the last two episodes of Monday Night Raw.

When asked about Triple H’s new role, WWE Hall of Famer and NXT trainer Shawn Michaels revealed that his long-time friend wants to make WWE “the greatest sports entertainment company in the world.” Michaels also said that Triple H would have the full support of NXT.

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