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Bo Dallas and Chad Gable Speculated As Potential Names Behind NXT Mystery Vignettes

Bo Dallas speculated to be behind the NXT Vignettes poses with the NXT Championship

First appearing on the September 23rd edition of NXT, two mystery vignettes have aired teasing the appearance of a new Superstar to the Black-and-Gold brand at NXT TakeOver: 31. The initial NXT vignettes discussed several key themes such as redemption and change before most importantly indicating that the Superstar behind the videos was a former champion.

“These NXT Championships have been in isolation for far too long”

As well as a reference to the current global isolation pandemic this statement, along side the accompanying shot of both incarnations of the NXT World Heavyweight Championship, indicates that the force behind the videos is a former men’s division champion.

This weeks episode of NXT featured a second vignette, this time showing the Superstar discussing NXT as their home and stating that:

“Sometimes you need to stop and look around you to see that, home may not be the same place as when you left it.”

With the information available, that the Superstar is a former NXT Champion who would consider NXT his home, fans and journalists alike have begun to speculate who will be returning at NXT TakeOver 31.

The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter includes their say on the matter, discussing the meaning behind the vignettes before ultimately deciding on both a most probable name along side a slightly more rouge speculation:

“They have also teased a return to NXT of a former champion. The only NXT champion that seems at this point to fit the bill would be Bo Dallas, who isn’t being used at all.”

“If you include tag champs, this would open it up to Chad Gable, who has been abused badly on the main roster but is so great enough that he could pull it off.”

Bo Dallas is a name that has been heavily circulated surrounding the vignettes, both a former NXT Champion and someone who would fit the bill as a NXT original, Dallas is the most likely candidate at this moment in time.

Furthermore, former WWE road agent and father to Bo Dallas, ‘IRS’ Mike Rotunda recently stated on the ‘Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling‘ podcast that Bo is arguably a better worker than his brother and two-time WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt/ The Fiend:

“Bray has been a world champion a few times, and I’m sure he will do it again. Bo has been a tag team champion and has a lot of ability. Even his brother, Bray, will tell you that is Bo is actually a better worker.”

“I can tell you that Bo has a lot of ability, and WWE needs to figure out a way to capitalize on that and enhance his career,”

It is possible -although entirely speculative at this point- that WWE have heard what Rotunda has said and has chosen to revitalise Bo Dallas with a new run in NXT where he has been so successful in the past. This would be following in the path of both, current NXT Tag Champion Tyler Breeze and current NXT World Champion Finn Balor in returning home to NXT from the traditional main roster.

Chad Gable is a name that will excite many fans with the former NXT Tag Team Champion a fan favourite due to his incredible technical in ring ability and infectious charisma that drove American Alpha to success in NXT almost five years ago. Gable is someone that is regularly discussed when the topic of biggest missed opportunities arises, with the Superstar yet to achieve the heights he is capable with on the traditional main roster.

Chad Gable has not wrestled on SmackDown since his one-minute loss to Matt Riddle on the 28th of August, it is possible that this short break in appearances is to allow time for the repackaging of ‘Shorty G’ to occur however it is equally possible that is is simply due to him not being in any current WWE plans.

The mystery return will be revealed live on NXT TakeOver, this Sunday on the WWE Network available for just $9.99 per month.

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