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The Blue Meanie Recalls Vince McMahon Promising To Fire JBL If He Legitimately Beat Them Up

The Blue Meanie

ECW icon The Blue Meanie has revealed that Vince McMahon promised to fire JBL if the former WWE Champion legitimately beat up Meanie in the ring.

WWE revived the ECW brand in 2005 and held a One Night Stand pay-per-view to celebrate the land of extreme. JBL was a mainstay of SmackDown at the time and was one of the leading WWE Superstars who slammed the event and ECW as a whole.

During the evening the invading group of WWE stars were invited into the ring to settle things with the ECW contingent. With a wild brawl breaking out, JBL and Blue Meanie ended up throwing real punches at one another with Meanie coming off worse.

The two men managed to put any bad blood between them to one side in an effort to make money with a match scheduled between them on the 7th of July 2005 edition of SmackDown. Meanie won the No Disqualification bout after his long-time partner Stevie Richards rocked JBL with one of the stiffest chair shots ever seen.

Speaking to WSI’s James Romero, Blue Meanie recalled his reassuring conversation with the WWE Chairman ahead of having to get in the ring with JBL:

“He comes in and he goes, ‘I understand you’re worried?’ ‘Well, yes, Vince,’ and I gave him the cliff notes of the history between me and JBL… He goes, ‘Well, Meanie, if John goes into business for himself, then he’s fired.’ I was like, ‘He said it! He said fired!’ I was like, ‘Well, I appreciate it.’”

“I also said, ‘Hey, I didn’t get to see you after I got released, but thanks for the opportunity you gave me back in ‘98, all that stuff,'” Blue Meanie continued. “‘Oh, you’re welcome.’ But that was basically him reassuring me that John wasn’t going into business and do anything in the ring, which you never know.”

In the years following the nasty incident involving both men, Meanie and JBL have become friends and recently discussed their issues at the One Night Stand show together.

h/t SK Wrestling