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Blue Meanie Reveals “Subtle” Owen Hart Rib, ECW Locker Room Pranks

Blue Meanie

Former WWE Superstar Blue Meanie has opened up about the pranksters he encountered throughout his career – pinpointing ribs from the late Owen Hart and ECW’s Shane Douglas as some of the best.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy for Issue 17 of Inside The Ropes Magazine, Blue Meanie answered our 20 Questions and didn’t hold back when asked about the biggest locker room prankster he’s ever encountered.

“Owen Hart’s the king of ribs but thankfully I was not on too many of the receiving end, like maybe a couple of verbal ones.

“When he was in the Blue Blazer thing, he’d come up to me and go ‘Ah, Blue Meanie, Blue Blazer. We’re going to do something about your name, kid.’

“Just like a subtle little rib.”

Blue Meanie went on to say that he encountered some ribs in ECW courtesy of Shane Douglas.

“Shane Douglas was a good ribber. There’s a time in ECW where we were at the Orange County Fairgrounds in New York and the arena was in one part of the building and we were dressing in another building, kind of like a horse stable thing.

“We had those big heaters that were shooting flames. It looked like a plane engine or whatever. I guess I wasn’t looking, he took my chair and my bag and moved it right in front of one of those but left everything where it was supposed to be.

“Like, I wouldn’t have questioned it. I didn’t even think twice, I sat down and the chair was just ON FIRE! It’s hot metal, you sit down… I just shot straight up! You know, just that Shane laugh he does.

Not an isolated incident, Blue Meanie went on to reveal the prank played on him while he was in the ring – or under it!

“And then the one time. Shane was wrestling Raven and I was brand new to the company. “All right, Meanie, you get in the ring. Do the moonsault move out of the way, roll out of the ring, go under the ring and then when the match is over, I’ll pull you out, throw you in the ring, get heat with the belly to belly.”

“So I go in there, try to hit Shane with a moonsault. He moves out of the way. I roll out going under the ring. Match ends. Shane gets on the mic, cuts a promo. I’m like, “Yeah, I’m under the ring,” he’s just he’s above me and I’m under the ring kicking the ring just like, “Hey, I’m down here,” and he leaves me.

“And then the ring announcer goes, “Thank you for coming to ECW, blah, blah, blah.” And I’m like, “Do I wait for the fans to leave?” Then I kind of get out and do the slide out. I was like, “Shane, what happened?” And Shane goes “Oh, my God, I forgot, Oh, I’m so sorry.” And then Raven smartened me up. “Welcome to wrestling.” You know, that was my “welcome to wrestling” moment.”

You can read our 20 Questions With . . . Blue Meanie interview in Issue 17 of Inside The Ropes Magazine, which is available to order now!