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MLW COO Blasts Joey Janela Over “Unprofessionalism” And Heat With AEW

Joey Janela

Following comments made on social media, Joey Janela has drawn the wrath of MLW’s COO who branded him a sell-out and unprofessional claiming he has heat with AEW.

On January 12th it was announced that MLW had filed an anti-trust lawsuit against WWE, claiming that the company had been “disrupting every level of MLW’s business.”

Reacting to the news, AEW wrestler Joey Janela publicly backed WWE, claiming that MLW prevented it’s wrestlers from appearing with GCW, after he had called them out over “taking advantage of young talent.” He added that “I hope the titan puts em out…”

Speaking during an appearance on the Wrestling Inc Daily, MLW COO, MSL fired back at Janela, branding him unprofessional, alleging that he drinks at shows and has given young talents concussions.

“Well, I did see him say something, he’s just trying to look out for young wrestlers. Is he looking out for young wrestlers when he’s drinking at shows and giving them concussions? I wonder about that,” he added. “But also, I think there’s a lot of false info out there.

I have personally scouted, negotiated, and signed every single wrestler in MLW. So if anybody wants to complain about a contract, you come to me,” he said. “And the outdated info that is used to criticize us is early contracts, from five years ago when we had 300 fans in a nightclub in Orlando.”

Continuing on, he slammed the AEW star for being a corporate sell-out, claiming he has heat with AEW.

“I think Joey Janela, who is a corporate sell-out, who has massive heat in AEW because he’s unprofessional. He desperately wants to go to WWE, so he’s kissing the ass of billionaires,” MSL said. “He doesn’t care how many wrestlers get screwed over, have opportunities taken away.

“If he wants to make more money, companies have to grow so they can pay more money,” he said “So, he’s basically rooting for other companies to shrink and then have to pay less money. He’s a hypocrite, he’s a poser, and that’s really the real deal on Joey Janela.”

It was recently announced that Janela will be back in action on January 23rd when he squares off against Matt Cardona at The Wrld on GCW. The pair have been going back and forth on social media in recent weeks regarding posts Janela shared about Cardona’s wife Chelsea Green.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.