Blair Davenport Interrupts Heartwarming InDex Reunion Tease

InDex Indi Hartwell Dexter Lumis Sam Shaw

Just when it seemed that Indi Hartwell had a message from her estranged husband Dexter Lumis, Blair Davenport showed up to ruin the moment.

Throughout 2021, the romance between Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis was a highlight of NXT television. Their wedding capped off the first official episode of NXT 2.0, and it was hoped that their love would go the distance. However, Lumis was one of ten NXT talents released from WWE on April 29th alongside Persia Pirotta and Dakota Kai.

While Dexter and Persia weren’t referenced directly on NXT TV after their exits, the Spring Breakin’ episode of NXT 2.0 did feature a segment where Indi Hartwell stared forlornly at her left hand, which no longer contained a wedding ring. Duke Hudson (who’d been romantically linked to Pirotta) approached her, also looking upset. However, just when it seemed like the two could find solace in losing their partners, Hudson leaned in to kiss Indi Hartwell, who swiftly rejected his advance.

Fast forward to the August 8th episode of Monday Night Raw, where Dexter Lumis made a shocking appearance as AJ Styles was celebrating his victory over The Miz. The August 15th episode saw Dexter once again taken down by security during the United States Championship bout between AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley. While Indi Hartwell referenced Lumis’ return on social media, their relationship wasn’t mentioned again on television until now.

During a backstage segment at NXT Heatwave, the former Mrs. Lumis congratulated new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance on their victory, saying that she cried when they won the titles. She recalled the feeling of winning those same belts alongside Candice LeRae before someone handed her a message.

As Kayden and Katana walked off, Indi opened the note, which had a drawing that said “InDex Forever” on the back. The former Mrs. Lumis was elated, indicating that the note was indeed from Dexter, leading to speculation that the two could soon reunite onscreen – but before she could read the whole thing, a woman appeared and snatched the note out of her hand. The enraged Indi Hartwell asked who she thought she was, and the woman introduced herself, indicating her intention to go after Mandy Rose’s title:

“I’m Blair Davenport, the future NXT Women’s Champion.”

With that, she ripped the note in half, leaving Hartwell crestfallen.

Blair Davenport, formerly known as Bea Priestley, signed a WWE contract in June of 2021 and has previously competed as part of the NXT UK roster.