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Blackpool Combat Club Want Cesaro

Cesaro wristlocks Bryan Danielson

At least one member of AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club has got their eyes on the group’s next recruit, saying they want ex-WWE star, Cesaro.

The Blackpool Combat Club had its embryonic beginnings in AEW when William Regal stunned the wrestling world and brought former rivals Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson together at Revolution.

Since then the group has torn through the competition in AEW and soon after its formation, they recruited Wheeler Yuta to their ranks, luring him away from his role with Best Friends.

Speaking at a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest, Wheeler Yuta explained the jump from working with his real-life friends to working with top stars in the company:

“It was definitely very different. Part of it is like Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy, they are my friends in real life. I’ve known those dudes for years. Early on, it kinda felt like I’m in this big position, it’s still a huge position but it’s with my friends, I’m in my comfort zone.”

“But when this started happening, it was like, alright, this is a step up, this is something completely different than what I’ve been doing. Now I have to earn these guys’ respect as well, the same that I did with my friends before. It was definitely a big step up, it was like a big switch. But, now we’re rocking and rolling.”

Wheeler Yuta also gave his thoughts on the Blackpool Combat Club potentially recruiting another man who has a history with William Regal, former WWE Superstar Cesaro:

“Cesaro’s awesome. I would support him in any role anywhere I can see him wrestle. He’s incredible. But I think he would fit in very well with us, he’s got history with [William] Regal as well.”

Cesaro had previously been with WWE for eleven years before bringing his time in the company to an end in February 2022. Since then, rumours about the Swiss Cyborg’s future have run rampant with the latest reports suggesting he could be set for a shock return to WWE.

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