Bizzare Reason Sable Tried To Take Human Waste On A Plane Revealed


Former WWE Women’s Champion Sable once tried to take human waste onto an airplane according to WWE Hall Of Famer Teddy Long.

Sable arrived in WWE in March 1996 alongside her real-life husband at the time, Marc Mero. Appearing at WrestleMania XII, Sable was initially by the side of a young Triple H, however Mero would soon grow tired of how the valet was being treated by his foe and Sable would soon become his manager.

In the year that followed, Mero slowly began to turn heel, becoming increasingly jealous of the attention that his stunning wife was receiving. This came to a head in 1998, with the pair eventually feuding after the former ‘Wildman’ sided with future WWE Hall Of Famer Jacqueline.

Following the on-screen split, Mero began to appear on WWE television less frequently, while Sable’s popularity continued to soar. This along with a steadily increasing sexuality to her character led to her posing on the cover of Playboy magazine twice in 1999. In the process Sable became the first woman to appear on the cover of the magazine twice in the same year.

Despite her success, Sable was not a popular character in the locker room and was even forced to apologise to talent before her return to the company in 2003.

In a recent appearance on Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Long was asked to comment on former colleagues in a rapid fire segment and revealed an interesting detail regarding Sable attempting to take human waste from overseas back to the USA:

“I didn’t communicate with her too much. I knew her when she was married to Marc Mero and knew her a little bit then but never talked to her too much.

I remember one time when we was overseas and somebody sh*t in her bag or something like that. She wanted to take the sh*t back to the States to get a DNA on it so they could tell her whose sh*t it was.

I’ve never heard of that before but like I said that was a story about her but like I said I never did talk to her too much, I didn’t know her that well.”

Who Is Sable Married To Now?

Sable divorced from Marc Mero in 2004 after ten years of marriage before marrying another WWE Superstar, Brock Lesnar, in May 2006. The pair remain together to this day and have two sons.

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