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Bizarre Reason Vince McMahon Once Suspended Talent Uncovered

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has divulged the unusual breach of etiquette that led to Vince McMahon taking one of his stars off the road for a month.

The wacky world of pro wrestling has its fair share of unwritten rules that can be a minefield to understand, never mind trying to navigate through to have a successful career as a wrestler.

Kurt Angle explained to ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey on The Kurt Angle Show podcast one of the more bizarre breaches of these rules that led to Vince McMahon keeping one of his WWE Superstars out of work for a month:

“You know, when you say thank you, and the person says, you’re welcome, that’s usually the proper way to say it. But in pro wrestling, when you say thank you, the other person is supposed to say thank you back. So it’s like, ‘thank you,’ ‘No, thank you.’ You don’t say you’re welcome.”

“I was told one time a wrestler told Vince, Vince said, ‘Hey, thank you for the match tonight.’ He said, ‘You’re welcome’. Vince actually took him off the roster for about a month and basically suspended him for a month because he didn’t say thank you, he said, ‘You’re welcome.’”

Kurt Angle also recently recalled his baseball bat botch in TNA which left former WCW star Sting needing stitches.

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