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Bizarre Dexter’s Laboratory Easter Egg Features On Latest Raw

Dexter's Laboratory

While Riddle’s promos are always somewhat unconventional, the Original Bro may have peaked on Monday Night Raw by dropping a Dexter’s Laboratory reference.

They say anything can happen in WWE, and on a night of surprises, Riddle decided he was going to get in on the action in his own unique fashion.

Appearing on a special episode of Miz TV featuring both The Miz and Maryse, the star decided it was time to introduce himself to Mrs Mizanin. Not that this was as straightforward as you might think. Addressing the natural French speaker, Riddle opened with “bonjour” before adding “Omelette du fromage. Me llamo Riddle.”

While Maryse’s confusion showed off her comedic timing, it was the sneaky Dexter’s Laboratory reference that got fans talking.

In a 1996 episode of the popular cartoon titled “The Big Cheese,’ Dexter was frantically studying for a French test. In an effort to save time, Dexter uses a device to teach him the language while he sleeps. However, there was just one problem, the recording skips during the night and just repeats “Omelette du fromage” all night.

During the episode, this is all that Dexter can remember, so ends up just repeating the phrase over and over.

After Miz and Riddle traded insults, the RK-Bro member was attacked by Tommaso Ciampa. Following the beatdown, Riddle and Miz started a match with the A-Lister still in his suit, although that didn’t last too long, as Riddle set about tearing it off.

In the end, it was the former NXT star who grabbed the win following an RKO.