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Billy Gunn Confirms He’s Filmed Content For A&E DX Documentary

Billy Gunn DX

AEW star Billy Gunn has confirmed that he has filmed footage for A&E’s upcoming documentary on his former WWE faction, DX.

At the beginning of March 2022, it was confirmed that WWE and A&E are going to continue working together for the foreseeable future. The two sides have announced what is described as a “multi-year” deal which will see the production of more than 130 hours of new “premium” content.

The deal includes more episodes of popular series “Biography: WWE Legends” and “WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures” Furthermore, the agreement will also see the development of a new series, currently known under the working title, “WWE Rivals.”

Speaking on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Billy Gunn confirmed that he has filmed footage for an upcoming A&E documentary on DX, this is despite Gunn now working for All Elite Wrestling:

“I don’t know if I can plug it, but there’s a DX documentary coming out. I don’t know if I am supposed to say that, but I guess it’s too late now. Tony is really good about that, he’s not that kind of guy, he really isn’t. He’s a great guy to work for. They approached me, and of course, I went straight to him and everything that they did, it was okay.”

“It’s an A&E thing, not really a WWE thing, so I don’t say it’s that, it’s for A&E because that was what they told me. It was all run through us so it’s not like I did anything behind anyone’s back. But, it’ll be pretty cool, I think it’s more of a look into what we are doing now. Of course, they’re going to talk about what we did.

“But they literally spent all day, they came and filmed me and the boys working out. Everything I do is for the boys, it’s more about getting them TV exposure. So we did that and did a sit-down interview, and it was more about what my life is now and stuff like that. So, it’ll be pretty interesting.”

Billy Gunn along with his long-time tag team partner Road Dogg first joined a revamped DX led by Triple H on the Raw after WrestleMania 14. That night also saw Sean Waltman return to WWE after a spell in WCW to join the group.

h/t Wrestling Inc.