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Billy Gunn Files New Age Outlaws Trademark

Billy Gunn & Road Dogg (New Age Outlaws)

AEW star Billy Gunn has filed a trademark for “The New Age Outlaws.”

Following the news that Road Dogg had been released by WWE, fans immediately began to wonder whether he might be heading to AEW to link back up with his old tag team partner Billy Gunn.

To add further fuel to the fire, Gunn has now filed a trademark for the name of their legendary team.

The following use descriptions were included with Gunn’s USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) filing:

“Hats; Shirts; Socks; Sweatshirts; Hooded sweatshirts”

“Entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests; Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer; Entertainment services, namely, live appearances by a a professional wrestler and sports entertainer; Entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a professional wrestling and sports entertainment personality; Entertainment services, namely, televised appearances by a professional wrestler and sports entertainment personality; Providing wrestling news and information via a global computer network”

Billy Gunn and Road Dogg began teaming together in October 1997, going on to join D-X by the end of the year. As part of the faction, the New Age Outlaws went on to become one of the most popular teams in WWE history, winning the Tag Team Championships on five occasions.

The team eventually split in early 2000, although they later reunited in IMAPCT Wrestling and back in WWE on multiple occasions from 2012 onwards.

Road Dogg was released by WWE on January 5th 2022, bringing his end to his run as a writer, producer and sometime Performance Center coach.

Meanwhile, Billy Gunn currently plies his trade in AEW alongside his sons Austin and Colten as the Gunn Club.