Billy Gunn Comments On AEW’s “Wild West” Backstage Structure

Billy Gunn entrance

WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn has detailed some of the backstage differences between AEW and WWE, having spent decades working across both combined.

With over thirty years in the industry working for both WWE and AEW, Billy Gunn has a wealth of experience, both as an in-ring talent and as a coach. The WWE Hall of Famer recently voiced his opinion on some of the differences he has observed between the two promotions including how the two differ in terms of structure.

Speaking on a recent episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, the former multi-time Tag Team Champion noted how the WWE was seemingly more structured backstage than AEW appears to be:

“Being in that WWE structure for so long, luckily I was there for fourteen years, then I took a break or got fired. I say break, it’s really fired. So I’m very used to that, I am a very structured person. In the wrestling business, the more structured you are, the better things are cause it’s not ‘Hey I tell you this, you tell me that, I tell this, they come back and tell me, I go over your head and get another answer and now everybody’s mad at me.

So that’s very uneasy for me. Up [in WWE], there’s one thing and if you don’t like it you ask that one person and they said ‘No, you’ll do it, so you do it that way. I’m not saying it’s not good at AEW, I’m just saying it’s a little bit on the Wild West side. Which I guess if you’re used to that, then it’s okay. I am not used to that and that’s the hardest adjustment to get is to understand that kind of dynamic of [needing to be on the same page]. I feel that we still have a little bit of too many people being able to do a bunch of different things.”

Having joined AEW in 2019, Billy Gunn currently finds himself involved in a feud with his sons Austin and Colten.

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