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Billie Kay To Occupy New On Screen Role

Billie Kay Thumb

WWE have teased a brand new role for Billie Kay on television, through on-screen authority figure Adam Pearce.

Taking to social media, Pearce posted a picture of Billie Kay sharing her resume backstage on the November 27 edition of Friday Night SmackDown with the caption:

“It’s been suggested that perhaps I could use an “assistant”. You guys know anyone looking for a gig?”

In recent weeks, Kay has been embroiled in a tale where she has no consistent role on WWE television and is searching for the spot that defines her. On November 27, she served as commentator for a bout to try her hand at something new before circulating her resume around the locker room.

Now it appears that the Australian talent will be paired with Adam Pearce on-screen as his personal assistant in a storyline that could be one of the highlights of Friday evenings.

Billie Kay has not competed between the ropes since October 30 when she was involved in a Triple Threat Survivor Series Qualifying Match with Natalya and Bianca Belair and has been somewhat directionless since the split of The Iiconics.

While her best friend, Peyton Royce, makes some headway over on Monday Night Raw, Kay has been saddled with enhancement talent status on the blue side of the divide. That could all be about to change should WWE decide to take her out of the ring and place her in an authoritative role backstage.