Billie Kay On The Royal Rumble, Peyton Royce And Lacey Evans

Billie Kay Thumb

WWE Superstar Billie Kay appeared on WWE’s The Bump to discuss where she sees herself now that she’s a singles competitor on Friday Night SmackDown.

With 2021 underway, the Australian reckons she’s ready to wear several hats from management to in-ring star and has quite the air of confidence about it.

There is no job that I would not be great at, I’m up for anything: managing, in-ring/out-ring, behind the scenes, I’m up for anything.

We’re now aiming towards the annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view and for Billie, the chance to become the Women’s Royal Rumble winner would be another accomplishment she’d love to add to her already “stunning résumé”.

Wow! Imagine typing that up to the resume ‘2021 Women’s Royal Rumble Winner.’ I mean, woo-hoo! I would love that. That would be a dream come true; it’s on the ‘ole bucket list. This year might be the year that Billie Kay wins the Royal Rumble.

Billie made her professional wrestling debut back in 2007 for Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia (PWAA) where she stayed for 8 successful years whilst also being a regular star for Shimmer Women Athletes. Wrestling has been a part of Billie’s life since she was 10 years old and she reminisced about wrestling memories, specifically watching PPV’s with her brother.

I grew up watching wrestling because of my big brother. We would take off every… It would be Monday mornings when it would play in Sydney, Australia. So, we would take off all the days from school, and we’d sit down and watch all of the pay-per-views.

I have the best memories from watching, specifically, the Royal Rumble with my brother. Every eve, we would count it down together. We’d go crazy to see who would be the next competitor coming out.

In 2015 Kay joined WWE and NXT for the next 3 years, refining her act before her and then tag partner Peyton Royce were called up to SmackDown in 2018. It’s been 5 months since the Iiconics split and whilst Kay has spent most of her free time trying to recruit herself in various positions around the WWE, Peyton has found a new partner in Lacey Evans.

Billie mentions that she will always be Peyton’s number one fan, although she still isn’t too fond of her best friend’s new tag partner, Lacey Evans.

First off, what a massive win for them! They beat the Tag Team Champions on Raw. I was watching, and I was cheering Peyton on. The Iiconics is such a soft spot for me, but I will always, always, always be there for Peyton and be her biggest supporter.

She’s found a new partner with Lacey Evans. Let’s be honest: Lacey is a little bit of a nut. But then again, you need that contrast in a tag team. As long as she treats my darling Peyton right, I’m all for them going as far as they can as a tag team.

While the Iiconics are no more, both women have expressed an interest of reuniting in the future once they have both accomplished success in singles action.