Big Swole Says She’s Still Open To Contact From Tony Khan & AEW

Big Swole

Despite being critical of AEW upon her exit from the company, Big Swole says she has many friends who work there and she’d be open to contact from Tony Khan.

Big Swole signed with AEW back in December 2019 after making her debut with the company in August, competing in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out. In the summer of 2020, the Clearwater, Florida native entered a feud with Britt Baker, going on to defeat her rival in a Tooth and Nail match at All Out 2020 in September.

Swole was later kept out of the ring in early 2021 due to her ongoing battle with Crohn’s disease. She wrestled what would be her final match in AEW on September 11th where she defeated Allie Katch on AEW Dark, and announced her departure from the company in November of 2021.

After her exit from AEW, Big Swole was critical of the lack of structure and diversity within the company. Tony Khan hit back at her criticism, and Big Swole said she received no apology for his comments.

However, Big Swole isn’t ruling out an AEW return, and speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions, she says she’s open to communication with both Tony Khan and still has love for AEW as she has many friends who work there.

“I still have love for the people there at AEW. Like, I still have friends and everything like that. I’m supportive and I still watch their matches and everything. Everything that went down kind of just went as a surprise for me. I didn’t necessarily know [Tony Khan] was going to react like that, but I mean… that’s his god given right. My line is still open for [Tony Khan and] for AEW, because I don’t like to burn any bridges.”

Big Swole continued, saying that her only goal is to tell the truth about her experiences.

“I just like to tell the truth. These are my opinions. These are my experiences and I feel like they shouldn’t have been blown out of proportion as much as they [were] and I feel like people were doing more invalidating than actually actively listening and comprehending what I was saying.

“So in a sense of where my relationship is with certain fans, it’s kind of like..nuh-uh..but as far as AEW, I just really wish them the best because I don’t want anybody getting out of a job. Completion is amazing for wrestling. We’ve been waiting on something like this for a long time.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Big Swole discussed her battle with Chron’s disease and being told he she only had 30 minutes to live when she was first diagnosed.

h/t Fightful