Big Show Still Wants Shaquille O’Neal WrestleMania Match

Big Show vs Shaq

Ahead of his appearance at a very special ‘Legends Night’ edition of WWE RAW, The Big Show has revealed to WWE UK how he still wants to face legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal at WrestleMania – calling it his “perfect scenario” for the Show of Shows.

“Let’s see, in a perfect scenario at WrestleMania, it would be Big Show versus Shaquille O’Neal. That would be a perfect scenario because we never really got to make that happen. That’s one of those stones I’d like to get out of my shoe and settle that, who is the best big man of all time, period.”

Back in November, the former WWE Champion shared an Inside The Ropes tweet saying he’s “down for more” in relation to a confrontation with the basketball legend. Since then, though, Shaq has seemed more likely to get in an AEW ring than a WWE one, with Brandi Rhodes throwing a drink over the larger-than-life athlete on Dynamite before stepping away from the ring after revealing the incredible news of her pregnancy, and Jade Cargill teasing a rivalry with Cody Rhodes.

Meanwhile, Big Show also revealed he’s far from done – with The World’s Largest Athlete touting himself for a title match!

“It’s funny, I’ve been asked a lot, like, “Are you interested in another championship opportunity or another championship match?’ And I definitely think in 2021, I’m a guy who’s always looking for opportunities so if I get the opportunity to compete for a coveted championship, absolutely. That’s why I’m still doing this. I’m doing this because I have fun and I’m also doing it because I’m still really good at it.”

Some of your favourite WWE Legends and Hall of Famers will return for Raw ‘Legends Night’ on the first Monday Night Raw of the new year, January 4, 2021. Viewers in the UK and Ireland can watch via BT Sports 1 HD at 1am.