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“Big Plans” Reportedly Set For Cody Rhodes Upon His AEW Return

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has not been seen in All Elite Wrestling for weeks now but a new report says when The American Nightmare does return, big plans are in place for him.

Rhodes last appeared in the ring for AEW at their Homecoming show in Daily’s Place, Jacksonville on August 4th when he faced Malakai Black. Black had immediately set his sights on Rhodes when he entered AEW, delivering his Black Mass spin kick to Rhodes’ coach Arn Anderson before turning his boot to Rhodes himself.

The match between the two men was eagerly anticipated but it did not take long. Malakai Black dominated Cody Rhodes and in less than five minutes dropped him with his dreaded kick before pinning Rhodes with a foot placed on his chest.

After the match, an emotional Rhodes got on the microphone and started giving an address akin to a retirement speech as he also tried to remove his boots to leave in the ring. Rhodes only got one of the boots off before Malakai Black returned, smashing a crutch over the first-ever TNT Champion’s back.

Cody Rhodes will be a judge once again on the Go Big Show on TBS while his own reality show Rhodes To The Top also debuts later this month.

Cassidy Haynes of has reported that Cody Rhodes should make his return to AEW television within the month and that additionally, big plans are in place for his return.

The AEW that Rhodes will be returning to is very different from the one he last appeared in at the beginning of August. Since his time away from the ring, the company has brought in CM Punk, Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson.

With Danielson seemingly going after Kenny Omega and CM Punk having to deal with Team Taz on AEW Dynamite, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Cody Rhodes.