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Big E’s Original WrestleMania Plans Reportedly Revealed

Big E

A new report has shed light on the original WrestleMania plans for former WWE Champion Big E before he suffered a broken neck on SmackDown.

The Friday, March 11th edition of SmackDown was marred by a serious injury to Big E. The former World Champion had been teaming with Kofi Kingston taking on Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

After Big E fell to the outside, he was given an overhead Belly to Belly Suplex by Ridge Holland. However, instead of Big E flipping all the way over and landing on his back, he landed on his head and neck.

The former World Champion wasn’t involved in the match again, as commentary mentioned that he was being tended to by medics. During the following commercial break, the star was taken out of the arena on a stretcher.

Posting on social media, Big E confirmed that doctors have told him he has broken his neck but thankfully, the star won’t require surgery:

“I can’t thank all of you beautiful people enough, for all of your concern and your messages. It’s very heart-warming. I can move all of my digits, [wiggles fingers to camera] you see that? That’s nice, that’s always a good thing. Strength feels fine. But unfortunately, right now they tell me that my neck is broken, so there is that.

But once again, thank you everybody, I’m gonna be alright, I’ll be good. Don’t worry, go to sleep. Don’t worry about old me, but for real, thank you. I appreciate all of you.”

Fightful Select reported that Big E was factored into plans for a potential six-man tag team match at WrestleMania 38 with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to face the team of Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Pete Dunne – now known as Butch – who debuted on the same show where Big E suffered his injury. As of now, it is not known if WWE still intends to have some form of bout with the remaining healthy stars at WrestleMania.