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Big E Claims He Was Unaware Of Original Day 1 WWE Title Match Finish

Big E

Big E has claimed that he didn’t know who was meant to win the originally scheduled Fatal-Four-Way match for the WWE Championship at Day 1.

The leadup to the WWE Championship match at Day 1 went through more twists and turns than a Shakespearean epic.

Back in October, Seth “Freakin” Rollins won the right to face Big E at WWE’s first-ever New Year’s Day spectacular. However, as the event edged nearer, Kevin Owens and then Bobby Lashley were added to the match, but the complications didn’t stop there. Just hours before the show began, Roman Reigns revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 meaning that his scheduled match with Brock Lesnar was cancelled.

To remedy the situation, Lesnar was added to the WWE Championship match, a bout he would go on to win.

While Lesnar was obviously never the intended victor, as he wasn’t supposed to be in the match, it was later reported that Seth Rollins was meant to close the show with the gold.

Speaking in a new interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Big E revealed that he only found out about Reigns’ being out of action a few hours before the show. Not only that, he arrived at the building not knowing who was meant to win the original Fatal-Four-Way match.

“I got to the building thinking we were going to have our four-way. I didn’t know about Roman being unavailable until that afternoon, a few hours before the show. That threw a wrench into our match, as well as ripple effects to Raw and SmackDown,

“I never heard a finish [for the four-way]. When it became a four-way, especially one so loaded, anything was a possibility. But I hadn’t heard anything about a finish,”

In an effort to launch him back into championship contention, Big E announced that he will be taking part in the upcoming Royal Rumble match.

Looking ahead to that match and beyond, the New Day star said that it’s time to turn up the intensity and show a new side to his character.

“Winning the Rumble would be incredible. That’s in St. Louis at a great venue in The Dome, and it would be a real moment. This is my chance to show another side of me. It’s time to turn up the intensity. My role with The New Day is so often comedic relief, but I don’t want to be one-dimensional. I want to be as well-rounded and as whole a performer as possible,”

At the Royal Rumble Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley, while his old rival Roman Reigns will meet Seth Rollins.