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Big E – “I’m Really Proud Of The State Of Black Wrestling”

Big E

Former WWE Champion Big E says he’s proud of the black wrestling scene and says he’s happy that previous stereotypes are becoming a thing of the past.

Big E began his WWE career in 2009, first as part of the then developmental territory and then as part of NXT. During his time on the black and gold brand, Big E Langston as he was then known became the second-ever NXT Champion after he defeated Seth Rollins for the title.

Big E debuted on the main roster of WWE in late 2012 acting as the “heavy” for Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. Once that group fell apart, the former powerlifter set his sights on gold and won the Intercontinental Title for the first time in late 2013.

It was in the summer of 2014 however, that Big E’s WWE career changed forever when he was put into a team with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. The trio became The New Day and have gone on to become arguably the most successful tag team unit of all time.

Big E was split up from his partners for the first time in six years at the 2020 WWE Draft, remaining on SmackDown while Woods and Kingston were sent to Raw.

As a solo star once again, Big E captured the Intercontinental Title once again before becoming Mr. Money In The Bank in July 2021. Just two months later Big E cashed in his contract on Bobby Lashley to become WWE Champion for the first time – the first time ever an African American challenger had won the title from an African American champion.

Speaking on The PWI Podcast Big E discussed the black wrestling scene and says he’s happy he sees more authenticity among his fellow black stars:

“Honestly, I really love getting to this moment where we are at in WWE, and I think just in wrestling in general. When you look around and there’s so many really dope black performers and what I love is that so many of us are one of one’s, and authentic, and feel like ourselves.”

“I love that we are getting to this point where we are not all getting forced into a certain box or certain stereotype. So yeah, more than anything I am just really proud of the state of black wrestling.”

“I feel like we have a lot of fans, a lot of black fans, especially who love wrestling and have for a long time. But didn’t necessarily see themselves or their culture reflected on wrestling TV. I love that we are getting to that point.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.