Big E Stretchered Out Of SmackDown Following Scary Bump

Big E

Big E was carried out of SmackDown on a stretcher following a terrifying landing during a tag team match with Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

On the March 11th of SmackDown, Big E and Kofi Kingston took on Sheamus and Ridge Holland. The rivalry between the two teams has intensified in recent weeks, going to a whole new level when Sheamus and Holland destroyed Big E’s ATV.

The vehicle was given to the former WWE Champion by Kingston as a birthday gift only a handful of weeks ago.

In the ring, the clash between The New Day stars and Sheamus and Holland was a pretty even, hard hitting affair, but thigs took a scary-looking turn late on. After Big E fell to the outside, he was given an overhead Belly to Belly Suplex by Ridge Holland. However, instead of Big E flipping all of the way over and landing on his back, he landed on his head and neck.

The former World Champion wasn’t involved in the match again, as commentary mentioned that he was being tended to by medics. During the following commercial break, the star was taken out of the arena on a stretcher.

At time of writing there has been no official word on Big E’s condition, or the nature of any injury that he may have sustained. Although The New Day star did give a thumbs up to the crowd as he was being carried backstage.

It has since been reported by PWInsider that the former Tag Team Champion has been taken to hospital for tests.

As Big E was being treated outside the ring, debutant Butch, formerly known as Pete Dunne, distracted Kingston enabling Sheamus to pick up the win. The trio attacked Kingston after the bell.

Prior to the match, Butch was revealed as the newest member of the team of Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

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