Big E Shares Update On Broken Neck Following One-Year Scan

Big E

Big E hasn’t wrestled since March 11th, 2022 and there remains no word on if and when he will return to the ring.

During a match with the Brawling Brutes, the former World Champion took an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex outside the ring and landed high on his neck instead of his back. It was quickly confirmed that the star had suffered a broken neck, although he had avoided damaging his spinal cord.

Despite there being no issues between the two men, Ridge Holland, the man who delivered the Suplex, has received death threats following the accident.

Big E later revealed that many of the questions about his future would be answered by scans a year after first suffering the injury.

During an appearance on the Battleground Podcast, the star revealed that the scans have now taken place and he needs to meet with his doctors to decide the next step. He added that despite this he’s feeling great and has no pain in his neck.

“It’s just a complicated fracture. I broke my C1 and C2 in two places, a Jefferson fracture is what it’s called. It just takes a little more time to heal. We just did the one year scans after WrestleMania, it was a little later because of WrestleMania. We need to sit down with the doctors at some point and figure out what the next step is.

From my perspective, I feel great, I have no function issues, no pain issues, I’ve been in the gym since two weeks after I broke my neck. I’m feeling great. Obviously, your neck has to be in a certain condition to deal with the rigors of being in the ring on a nightly basis,”

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Big E’s comments come after he gave an interview in March where he directly addressed his in-ring future. The New Day star said that he had no anxiety over the results of the tests on his neck, noting that he’s “cool” with whatever the results may be.

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