Big E Set Up A Dating Profile Using A Picture Of Arn Anderson

Big E Thumb

Big E and the New Day are renown for having fun both inside and outside of the ring and it appears that no one is off limits when it compares to their pranks.

On a recent Ask Arn Anything episode of his ARN podcast, which is available via Ad Free Shows, it was revealed that Big E once set up a dating profile using a picture of none other than Double A.

The photo came from Anderson’s time working in WWE and depicts a topless Arn ironing a shirt backstage. Anderson who had been unaware of the prank, joked that Big E was responsible for disappointing numerous women on the internet who thought they were going to hook up the legendary original member of The Four Horsemen.

“Well number one i’m certain it went viral. Which means that Big E now is responsible for making all those ladies, just miserable, because they got turned down obviously. Cause I am married for 30-somthin’ years, 38 I believe…. happily married for 38 years. So what Big E did was throw me out as bait and no cigar. But i’ve not heard of that.”

Host Conrad Thompson then joked that he hoped that E used all of Arn’s old catchphrases in his efforts to attract potential lucky ladies.

In more serious news Anderson has also been discussing his good friend Tully Blanchard returning to the ring, calling the move “the way that the business is supposed to be.”