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Big E Says A Part-Time Talent Will Face Roman Reigns At WrestleMania 37

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WWE Intercontinental Champion, Big E, has orated his belief that it will most likely be a part-time name that gets the WrestleMania main event spot against Roman Reigns.

Recently, the New Day Member, spoke out about how part-time stars and recent NXT call-ups get too much, too soon from WWE creative and how those chances should go to those who toil and grind to make the company the success it’s become in light of Goldberg’s recent return on January 4.

Despite persistent rumours that the former NXT Champion is among the favourites to win the 2021 Royal Rumble along with Daniel Bryan, thus sending him to the main event of ‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’, the talent doesn’t believe the honour will go to anyone on the full-time roster.

Speaking to Busted Open Radio, the talent mentioned his chances of prevailing on January 31 and why he thinks it will be someone that will not hence stick around:

“You know (sic) how it is. They’re going to go through a list of part-timers — big names and big money guys who work once a year. They’re gonna go through that list and if they can’t get all those guys booked for that Roman spot for WrestleMania, then it’s kind of like, ‘Now who do we look to who works here on a weekly basis who has actually been grinding and now maybe we give them an opportunity?’”

Prior to the Royal Rumble, Big E has his hands full with Apollo Crews on the January 22 Friday Night SmackDown, when he defends the WWE Intercontinental Championship against the recently pushed star.

However, the storyline has the potential to spiral into a clash with Reigns should the company choose to go down that particular route. Having received guidance from ‘The Tribal Chief’ and his Special Counsel Paul Heyman over the last few weeks, Crews has been teased as the next recruit for Roman who could potentially cost Big E the gold to lay the foundations for WrestleMania 37.

Credit for the interview: Busted Open Radio

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.