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Big E Reveals Text From Edge Following WWE Championship Win

Big E

Big E has discussed the congratulatory text he received from WWE Hall Of Famer Edge after he captured his first WWE Championship on RAW.

Big E ascended to the top of the sports entertainment world when he cashed in his Money In The Bank contract on RAW and became WWE Champion for the very first time. The New Day star had called his shot earlier in the day, telling everyone including WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and his challenger on RAW Randy Orton that he had every intention of showing up on RAW and cashing in the contract he won in July.

Lashley and Orton faced off in the advertised main event of RAW with The All Mighty one able to overcome The Viper and retain his title. There was no time to celebrate however as Big E stayed true to his word and cashed in on Lashley. A short match followed in which Big E had to kick out of a spear before recovering and nailing his Big Ending for the win and the championship.

The world of wrestling celebrated E’s title win with stars from all companies taking to social media to share their congratulations and support.

Now speaking to Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement, Big E has discussed a text he received from former WWE Champion Edge:

“Edge texted me and, I don’t wanna butcher the text, but it was something about just like the fact that it took so long, makes it so much sweeter and he’s right. Sure, it could have been cool to have this championship 6-7 years ago but to have felt that, I’m at a point now where I earned it and I put the work in, and it doesn’t feel handed to me. [It] makes the journey sweeter as cliche as it sounds. It’s enjoyable because it feels like a long time coming.”

Big E made his main roster debut in WWE in 2012, meaning it has been almost nine years The Powerhouse of Positivity has had to wait to get his hands on the biggest prize in wrestling.

h/t SK Wrestling for the transcription