Big E Reveals Goldberg Was Annoyed By His Recent Comments

Big E

WWE Champion Big E says he thinks WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg was “a little annoyed” following comments The New Day Star made about the wrestling icon.

Goldberg has a wrestling career like no other. Beginning an unmatched undefeated streak when he made his debut in September 1997 in WCW, the former Atlanta Falcon went on to capture the WCW World Championship before the company was sold in 2001.

Goldberg came to WWE for a year-long stay in 2003, finishing up in an infamous bout with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20. For 12 years Goldberg stayed away from wrestling but made an incredible return at Survivor Series in 2016, once again facing Lesnar and this time defeating The Beast Incarnate in little over a minute.

Most recently Goldberg competed at Crown Jewel in October against Bobby Lashley. The WWE Hall Of Famer avenged his loss at SummerSlam to the former WWE Champion and managed to put Lashley away.

Now in an interview with RN Pro Wrestling, the current WWE Champion Big E first discussed how the chances of facing Goldberg have drastically gone up since winning the WWE Title:

“When I cut that nonsensical promo on our podcast, the likelihood to me was like 2.5% tops. But now that I hold this dearly beloved WWE Championship, it’s all possible. I would like to see that happen, that would be incredible.”

Big E then toned down his rhetoric from his previous remarks about Goldberg, remarks that he thinks annoyed the star:

“Imagine Goldberg’s last match [against me], I met this man at an in-store signing in Tampa when I was a kid in the late 90s. That’s just wildly full circle, 25 years or so later that I can possibly [put him down]. I think he was a little annoyed, I mentioned putting him down like Old Yeller and I don’t know if he took too kindly to that comment. Let’s relax the putting down, just a nice match, no one will be put down and everyone will live after.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.