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Big E Reveals Axed Plans For New Theme Song

Big E

Former WWE Champion Big E has revealed the nixed plans for theme music that allowed him to work with Wale on a new track.

Big E separated from Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods for the first time since the trio debuted as The New Day following the WWE Draft in 2020.

Going solo on SmackDown signalled a few changes for the former Intercontinental Champion as he received new theme music to separate him from the New Day of Kingston and Woods who continued as a tag team on Raw.

Ultimately Big E made the move to Raw in the summer of 2021 as he cashed in his Money In The Bank contract to capture the WWE Title from Bobby Lashley.

Speaking to The PWI Podcast, the former WWE Champion revealed that his current theme song wasn’t the original plan as he transitioned away from using The New Day’s music:

“So eventually they just came to me, this was about a year ago, and the talk was essentially like, ‘hey, we want to do a solo theme for you.’ Initially, I was thinking, maybe we just remix the current theme, The New Day theme that people are familiar with. So it still has connections to that.”

Big E added that despite his thought that his new song would simply be a remix, his mind immediately went to his friend Wale:

“The thing that I loved, in my mind if it’s a new theme, whatever we are doing my first thought is Wale. Reach out to Wale, can Wale do it, is he free?”

“I am so thankful for this brother because he has supported me in ways even beyond wrestling. I’m not into having celebrity friends for the sake of celebrity. We have such genuine conversations, he’s such a hilarious dude. Beyond music and wrestling. That’s my friend, that’s my brother and it’s dope to be able to go on this ride with him.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.