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Big E Recalls Rejecting WWE Pitch – “I Do A Lot Of Silly Nonsense, But I Ain’t Trying To Do All That”

Big E holds up WWE Championship

Big E has spoken about a time he rejected a pitch from WWE to imitate a dance that used to be performed by former WWE Superstar Chris Masters on his way to the ring.

Chris Masters had two stints in WWE, from 2005-2007 and then 2009-2011. During his first run, he was a villainous character known for taking out numerous WWE Superstars with the ‘Master Lock’, a type of Full Nelson. He even held a “Master Lock Challenge” to prove that the move was unbreakable. The only man to succeed in breaking the hold was Bobby Lashley in 2007. soon after this, Masters was released from his contract.

He began his second period in WWE in 2009 and quickly became a babyface. Part of his updated gimmick involved him doing a ‘pec dance’, even performing it to Ozzy Osborne’s ‘Crazy Train’ as part of ‘Raw’s Got Talent’ when Ozzy and his wife Sharon were guest hosts on the show.

Speaking on the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM show, Big E has revealed that WWE once pitched an idea for him to do his own version of the pec dance, but the WWE Champion thought it was too much nonsense even for him.

“Nothing too crazy. Years ago, they asked me if I could do a pec dance. A dude called Chris Masters used to pop his pecs rhythmically, and I do a lot of silly nonsense, but I was like, ‘I ain’t trying to do all that.”

WWE Champion Big E is set to defend his title against Seth Rollins after ‘The Visionary’ overcame Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio, and Finn Balor in a Ladder Match to determine the number one contender. It has not yet been announced when the bout will take place.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.