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Big E – “Part Of Me Wants To Be More Than Just A Wrestler”

Big E

Big E has revealed that he sees more than just wrestling in his future as he discussed his aspirations beyond the squared circle.

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion has been on his best singles run since debuting on the WWE main roster in 2012. Big E was separated from his New Day partners Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in the WWE Draft that took place in October 2020. With new theme music and a solo spotlight, E has gone from strength to strength on SmackDown.

Speaking on the New Day: Feel The Power podcast with Kingston and Woods, Big E discussed a future for himself that included more than just wrestling.

Big E explained:

“As much as I love wrestling and being part of WWE, there is something invigorating about creating something of your own. About an idea from your mind being out there into the world. I never saw myself as an artist or a creator when I was a kid. It never once crossed my mind as something I could do. I loved to read and write, but it felt like a pipe dream.”

“As I get older and I have these opportunities, there is something fulfilling about making something and feeling like you’re giving the world something of substance. It energizes you in a different way. We’ve been wrestling for a long time. As you get older, the things you want out of life or your perspective shifts. I’m in a position where I definitely want to keep wrestling, but there’s a real part of me that wants to be more than just a wrestler.”

“There’s nothing wrong if you just want to wrestle if that’s what you really love, but at this point in my life, I want to be more than what I currently am. That excites me. You should do the things that scare you and make you nervous. I tend to be afraid to fail. So, this project I’m working on kinda scares me. There’s part of it that makes me nervous. That’s a good thing.”

Big E recently announced he was part of a new project entitled ‘Our Heroes Rock.’ The project is an animated series that will use hip-hop and science fiction to focus on black history. Also involved in the project with E are combat sports journalist Andreas Hale and New Day’s gear designer Jonathan Davenport.

Credit: New Day: Feel The Power Podcast

h/t Fighful for the transcription