Big E Opens Up On WWE Career If He Can’t Return In-Ring

Big E

Big E has explored other opportunities if an in-ring career is over.

The former triple crown champion has not competed since March 2022, where an unfortunate accident caused The New Day member to suffer a broken neck. The resulting injury caused fractures to the C1 and C6 vertebrae, but thankfully did not require surgery.

Big E Evaluates Alternative Careers In WWE

While the multiple time tag team champion has been seen onscreen for advertising segments and media appearances for the company, there has yet to be a return match for the former Intercontinental Champion.

Speaking with PopCulture, Big E has revealed that he is currently involved with the company’s Next In Line programme, a recruitment system that is designed to find the stars of the future.

During the interview, the second ever NXT Champion spoke about his involvement, and how much it reminds him of the start of his wrestling journey:

“Being able to go to these college campuses and talk to athletes and let them know about WWE and the opportunities here … really resonates [with me],” he said. “Because I remember being 23 years old [and] a ‘failed’ football player at Iowa dealing with a bunch of injuries and then trying to figure out [my] entire life. I really love being involved in that way and I’m sure there will be other ways as well that I can be involved while I’m not in the ring.”

Big E is one of most beloved members of the roster by fans and fellow wrestlers. One of the most feelgood moments of 2021 would see The New Day member cash-in the Money in the Bank briefcase to defeat Bobby Lashley and become the new World Champion.

While the title win was a great moment, Big E has stated that the reign itself had a lot more meat left on the bone.

H/t to Wrestling Inc. for the use of transcription.