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Big E On Who He Wants To Cash In His Money In The Bank Contract On

Big E

While Big E may have only recently got his hands on the Money In The Bank briefcase, the former Intercontinental Champion already knows who he wants to cash in the contract on.

At Money In The Bank, Big E overcame a field which included multiple former world champions to claim the highly prized Money In The Bank contract. In a match that is best described as total chaos, the New Day star powered his way to victory via a devastating Big Ending on Seth Rollins from high on a ladder.

With the contract comes the opportunity to face any world champion of his choosing, at any point over the next 12 months.

Since the stipulations inception, it’s a world title opportunity that has been used to launch the main event WWE careers of Superstars such as Edge, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. The most recent Money In The Bank winner, The Miz successfully cashed in the contract to win the WWE Championship, beating Drew McIntyre.

Reflecting on his potentially career-changing victory with Steven Muelhausen of DAZN, Big E said it might just be the biggest triumph of his career.

I tell my close friends I hate making lists or ranking things because I’ll make a declaration now, and I’ll change my mind in two minutes. When I was thinking about it, I definitely said top five. But even that felt pretty conservative. I’ve done so many incredible things as a trio, obviously with The New Day, but man, that might be (number) one. It’s close. If it’s not number one, it’s in contention for number one.

I tell people, being Mr. Money in the Bank is incredible. But if we did that with no crowd, it’s very cool, but it doesn’t feel nearly the same. It’s not the same. What I remember 20, 30 years from now, is just the moment of hitting the Big Ending off the ladder. That crazy powerbomb onto the ladder from Seth (Rollins) to KO (Kevin Owens). Then it feels like Seth is about to win. But I felt like as soon as I started to get up on my feet and slide in, from then until the end of the segment till they got me out of there, it’s a kind of drug, a kind of high that is unmatched.”

Looking ahead, the renowned tag team star revealed that he already has his eye on Roman Reigns for a potential cash-in.

“I feel Roman’s the guy though. Roman’s the guy in the industry, and if you want to be remembered, if you want to do something cool, something special, that’s a great way to do it. Roman’s on a tear. This is one of the best runs I can remember. I feel like he’s definitely hitting his stride in a way that he hasn’t before. You can look at the entire scope of the rest of the industry, and you can determine who you think is the number one guy, who you think is the best, who should be at the very top. I think it’s not that difficult to make an argument for Roman being number one across all brands, across all boards. Beating him means that whoever beats him for that title, it’s going to be memorable. It’s going to mean something, and why not me?”

Universal Champion Reigns may already have his hands full heading into SummerSlam after he was challenged to a match by John Cena. The 16-time world champion who briefly confronted Reigns at Money In The Bank, laid down the challenge on RAW, calling Reigns an “a**hole” in the process.