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Big E On His Relationship With Paul Heyman

Big E

Big E recently sat down with Renee Paquette on her ‘Oral Sessions’ podcast, and one of the topics the WWE Intercontinental Champion discussed was his growing relationship with Paul Heyman.

Since Big E was split from the rest of New Day in the 2020 WWE Draft, he has had a lot of momentum as a singles star, even going on to win the Intercontinental Championship on the Christmas Day episode of Smackdown. Prior to this, he made an appearance on Talking Smack, where Heyman had words of encouragement, saying that Big E has the potential on his own to surpass his accomplishments while part of New Day. Big E later returned to the show to thank Heyman for those words, saying it reminded him that he’s “got the juice”.

When speaking to Paquette, Big E opened up about his relationship with Heyman and said that he knows that the interactions the pair have had are a positive development for him.

“It’s not even like there was a conversation [where Paul said] ‘you’re my guy.’ It’s just kind of, your doing Talking Smack and Paul does his thing and I respond. What a charmer. He’s a heck of a charmer. But, you know when I saw the feedback and I knew when we were doing it, like, this is good for me. This is a good conversation. Nothing bad is going to come from this being out there and [Paul] kind of stirring the pot and this idea…It’s all been positive.”

Heyman has also said that Big E has moved on from just being a tag team wrestler to becoming a box office draw he would love to see take on his current client, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

“Big E, you’re big box office. You’re a magnificent athlete, and you’re someone I would love to one day see in the ring with Roman Reigns. Big E walked into 2020 as someone that if Roman Reigns turned to me and said ‘What do you think of the challenge of Big E?’ I’d look at him and I’d say ‘Tag team Wrestler, best one on the planet, but a tag team Wrestler.’ I can’t say that now.

Your first step in your journey that we talked about two weeks ago, that’s your trajectory, you’re on your way. Because 2021 is now around the corner. And Big E, when it comes to my evaluation of you, it’s a new year, yes it is.”

Big E could take his next step to meet Heyman’s high expectations, and getting a championship match with Roman Reigns, when he takes part in the Royal Rumble match on January 31st. We will have full coverage of the event here at Inside the Ropes.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription