Big E On Conversation With The Undertaker That Made His Day

Big E on Smackdown

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, WWE superstar Big E talked about his experiences of working with The Undertaker. He said that he mainly thinks of the times away from the ring, recalling times like meeting the ‘Deadman’s’ kids and finding out they were New Day fans. He said he is fortunate to have Undertaker as a co-worker and how important conversations with superstars of his calibre can be.

“People will often think of the on-screen stuff but we as performers getting those backstage conversations are like gold with legends like Taker.”

Big E went on to recall a backstage moment that had a particularly positive impact on him:

“I remember a conversation where he told me, “Man, I watched you when you first came up and I had no idea you had as much personality as you showed.” So just hearing that, that backstage conversation, don’t remember where it was but just being backstage and just getting that, it made my day. Really made more than just my day to be complimented by a guy like that, a man of his stature was incredible. So, I was appreciative of just that simple moment.

He also complimented Undertaker on his long and illustrious career, saying:

“30 years, doing what he’s done and still going is so beyond remarkable. He’s had so many iconic memories, he’s on that Mount Rushmore of wrestling.”

WWE is holding a month-long celebration of The Undertaker’s three decades with the company. It features original programming, including a new documentary being released every Sunday. This year’s Survivor Series will also be dedicated to the ‘Phenom’, it was during the 1990 Survivor Series event he debuted.